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Faculty Development

Interested in creating a more inclusive STEM classroom?

Faculty are central to creating an inclusive environment where all students can succeed in STEM. 


Project FRESH aims to support development of first-year STEM instructors by sponsoring participation cost for mini courses/workshops that cover topics including but not limited to:


  • universal syllabus design

  • active learning

  • culturally-responsive practices

  • multicultural competence

  • the impact of implicit bias, stereotype threat, and microaggressions on their classroom environments.

  • Incorporating high-impact practices in the teaching and learning of STEM

  • Supporting first-year students in STEM classes

  • Transforming introductory STEM courses

  • Improving STEM learning environment

Contact Project FRESH if you are interested in participating in any of these suggested courses (or suggest your own!) 


Inclusive STEM Teaching Project

This online program is designed to advance the awareness, self-efficacy, and ability of STEM faculty, postdocs, graduate students, and staff to cultivate inclusive learning environments for all their students and to develop themselves as reflective, inclusive practitioners.


ESCALA Education

Equity based programming for HSI practitioners looking for comprehensive professional development opportunities with a specific focus on Latinx students.


CUNY Innovative Teaching Academy (CITA)

CITA aims to improve pedagogy at scale and recognize excellence and innovation in teaching by CUNY faculty. Offers professional development and institutes on special topics in teaching and pedagogy. Institutes typically last from several days to several weeks and are offered between semesters


Association of  College and University Educators (ACUE)

Online “micro-courses” on topics such as active learning and equitable teaching.

STEM Course Interventions and Enhancements

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STEM Course Interventions and Enhancements

Interested in modifying your STEM course to improve learning, inclusion and equitable outcomes? Project FRESH aims to partner with faculty to systematically develop a best practices toolkit tailored to improving student success in STEM gateway courses.

Our research team works through an equity lens to collect feedback on the STEM student experience, course outcomes and retention. Contact us to learn about our findings and to find out how we can help you to integrate and evaluate new practices that support student success for all. 

Faculty & Student Engagement Initiatives

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Faculty & Student Engagement Initiatives

Building trusted relationships with faculty is critical for 1st-year students’ sense of belonging at Hunter College and in STEM. Project FRESH aims to provide opportunities for students to engage with faculty in a low-stakes environment.

Project FRESH has initiatives such as “FRESH Fridays” where STEM faculty rotate as out-featured guests and lead informal chats with students. We also welcome faculty to drop into any of our student-facing events.

Have your own ideas about ways to engage with your students outside the classroom? Let’s talk about how Project FRESH can help. 




This page offers a repository of open-access resources for teaching, learning, and faculty development for both community colleges and four-year universities.


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